"In Thee oh Lord do I put my trust." Psalm 31:1

Our Story


The House of Hope was started in 1963 by a local blind woman fondly called Aunty May (Miss May Ladah). The Lord had prepared Aunty May for this ministry through years of caring for vulnerable young people. God gave her a vision not just to help meet the physical and educational needs of these people she loved, but also to meet the spiritual needs. She based the ministry on the scriptural principle in Psalm 31:1: "In thee, my Lord, do I put my trust.” In faith she stepped out, relying on God to meet every need along the way.

In 1975, our current building and land was purchased so House of Hope was able to accommodate more blind people. We began helping them complete their high school education and continue on to higher education institutions in the Bethlehem area. In 1986, we expanded our vision by opening a school for children with special needs teaching them basic daily skills and self-reliance.

Now, over half a century later, House of Hope continues to trust and rely on God to meet every need while it remains a vital ministry to many people who are blind or who have special needs in the Bethlehem area and beyond.

When we show love and compasion

to those in greatest need,

we share the love of Christ!

Mission Statement

We exist to support and improve the lives of people with special needs and their family members within the greater Bethlehem area through educational, occupational, and personal care services as a way to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ so that they have a true understanding of who He is.


Our greatest vision is to deliver hope and strength to our community through meeting the needs of those with special needs by delivering services and education to individuals with special needs as well as their families. We do this through multiple programs and services such as:
  • Offering a day center to the blind where they can learn to read Braille and have access to books in Braille and educational activities.
  • Boarding for the blind and those with special needs with access to healthy meals, clothing, self-care services and daily life facilities.
  • Speech therapy sessions.
  • Working with families of the blind and special needs to raise awareness of disabilities and offer training and counseling.
  • Teaching and training blind people in the creating of simple handcrafts such as traditional brooms and brushes.
We do all of this with Mark 10:45 as the heartbeat of our passion and motives: “For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as the ransom price in exchange for the salvation of many.”

Our vision is rooted in a desire to help the people we serve find hope and strength, to grow deeply with the Living God, and to become active participants within their community. Furthermore, we strive to constantly improve our knowledge, expertise, and education to be sure we are always offering those with special needs the greatest opportunities to learn and utilize fresh knowledge and skills.

In addition to serving the blind and those with special needs, House of Hope:
  • Provides internships to local college students.
  • Offers volunteer programs for internationals to come and serve.
  • Has an onsite guest house for volunteers or simply internationals looking for a budget-friendly place to stay during their visit to the Holy Land.

Who Do We Serve?

Visually impaired teenagers and adults between the ages of 13 and 35 years old in the greater Bethlehem area regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender.

We provide daycare and a school for children. There are no provisions made for children with special needs within the mainstream school system. These children would be excluded without ministries like House of Hope. At our school they receive an education and learn essential practical skills that allow them to live more independent lives.

House of Hope also has a boarding section where children are receive 24/7 care and love. The children are cared for by local staff and international volunteers. They will typically visit their families for one weekend a month and during holidays. 


Our most supreme value is that God loves and God saves. The last word has not been spoken so there is still opportunity for grace to touch all of us by the Spirit of Christ.

We seek the restoration and beautification of a painful, messy, destructive world. We stand on the promises of God that He will accomplish these purposes through us.

Our heart's desire is to show children and adults who are blind or have special needs that they are loved and valued. We long to care for them, to teach them practical skills that will benefit them and their communities, and, ultimately, to introduce all to Jesus as their personal Savior.

Our Board Of Directors

Our Staff


The work of House of Hope is only possible through the generosity of people like you. When you give, you serve alongside us, and God will use your investment to help minister to people in the name of Jesus.


Do you want to visit the Holy Land AND serve in the ministry of House of Hope? You don’t need any special training or skills. The only qualification is a heart for serving people and a love for Jesus Christ.